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Reading Rainbow - America lyrics

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America by Reading Rainbow

All of a sudden
It's America your loving
More people, More Taxes
More Babies in the Oven
It's a country full of carnivores
In a world full of Bombing Whores
The Land of Milk and Honey
Has become the wife I must divorce
Missiles Implement they force
Now we happy with the Pres.
I bet you from now on everybody
Will do just what he says
People on the street they beg
Dying looking or a job
The Powers in the People so the
People should go start a mob
Aint nobody got to rob
There's enough for Everyperson
Cursing, moving toward what we want
And then we Thirstin'
For the Freedom if you can't
Join 'em beat em supercede em
Move ahead of them
And then you grab they hand
And try to lead em
I don't Need em what I Need
Is a Country just for me, where they go to plant they seed,
And your Reap it and Recieve
Fuck the Greed, Fuck the Money,
Fuck the cash, Listen Dummy
You'll be gone by the Summy, everyday
Getting Sunny
Narcoleptic-Prophylactic's sold to us
By Dirty Tactics
Now they selling us our water
Tainted in those
Cancer Plastics and I spit this like the Masters
USA is a Disaster
Faster, Cuz they Gaining, Bastard, Blast it,
Now they shooting cuz it's Drastic
I could rhyme about America
I seen the States
And took a leak in everyone
The potential is Great
Be awake Stop Wilin' out and
Pulling out the Heaters
If you want a real Change
We must Evaporate the Leaders
Cuz they see through like Aleda's
Trying to beat us
But they can't
With they Faces on they Stamps
And they Paces all in Trance
America the Beautiful, America the Bold,
Americans are Starving, Americans are cold
Got a Vision of America
That really doesn't fit
If you want it to Change
Then we Have to Commit
Politician Counterfit, Politician Led Astray
Politician take a Shit
On America Today
Yesterday came and went
It's today that's Imperative
And why is it the Presidency
That's always Inherited
It's Evident that man, will be treated Equally
(We are now in control of your airwaves and Frequencies)
Fuck the Indecencies
Chop em down to Reese's Piece
Bombing People Recently
Welcome to the Beast Disease
Welcome to the Melting Pot
Welcome to the Hell the Hot
Welcome to the other side
Welcome will your come inside
Don't Deny
Americas not for the Meek
There's people Dying in the Street
Every day of the Week
Put the Pen to the Pad
And the Pad to your Ear
It's a Shame it is Sad Getting Bad Over Here
And they Taking all the Money out the 401k's
And making marriage legal between two gays
Living in the last Days
Fugas' they stay Plotting
If it was still up to them
Then Blacks would pick Cotton
They the Parker Brothers
With Monopolies they own the Banks
And it's time for us to Grow into Big
Like Tom Hanks
You in like Shawshank
Attack the Left Bank
It's Time for Left Flank
And Rise like Dense Stank yo,
Lyrically I vomit you comet to catatonic, puff on it like Hydroponics, No
Comment we have In Common
I'm a Hundred and Ten Percent
I been Sent
And they Burning the American Flag there's no sense
And shit is so tense
I think we need an Evolution
And notice how I Stay away from the word Revolution
Cus' it's Televised they watching us
Binoculars and Following
And hit us with another Jagged Pill
They made for Swallowing
They Wallowing like Pork Swine
They Greasier than Pork Rinds
I feed em even More Rhymes
They speed to Heed the Po Nine
Yall need this in the Oh Nine
Let's Represent Democracy
George the Burning Bush that spoke to Moses with Hypocracy

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