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RBL Posse - Livin That Life lyrics

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Livin That Life by RBL Posse

It's your life don't be stupid though (4x)
Cuz when you waste it
(Black C)
Livin that young life
Where nothin nice runnin from the vice
Think twice you lose your life gamblin with the dice
Cuz it ain't nothin but a ninety thing baby
And all the hoes in the Point drive me crazy
Can't fade me
If they had a ten foot pole
I stroll down the block givin props
To my niggaz on the spot
It won't stop and it won't quit
Cuz the hoes can't f**k with our sh*t I switch
Up on that ass, fast
If she try to fade a young nigga she'll get mashed, b**ch
It's just a juice thang, mothaf**kin deuce thang
Kill that game, but still a nigga maintain
My business, my mission I'm lynchin
Any mothaf**ka catch another one of my loved ones slippin
I smell jealousy up in the Point
But I laugh at the niggaz as I blaze up a chronic joint
Cuz I don't trip off them b**ch-made niggaz
Or them gold-diggers, cuz they don't know my niggaz known killers
But I guess that's a victim tryin to earn a stripe
And got caught up in that mothaf**kin way of life
(Mr. Cee)
Livin my life man, must be the f**kin sh*t
Cuz nowdays niggaz actin like a f**kin trip
And punk hoes try to get you lynched by your dick
But all you impetrators gonna need a Medic quick
Saying this or saying that
You might as well be a masseuse cuz ya always talking sh*t behind my
Spreadin rumors like tumors
And crossin off my face on my poster in your girl's room
And um, I never asked to be the man
But the way these niggaz be playa-hatin make it seem like I really can
But I don't have to play a role or perp to kick it
Just to get a piece of ass or a free meal ticket
Now I got a tape and these bustas wanna hate me
Just because they girl caught the base and wanna date me
But back in the days it was always about my nigga
And now you see a brotha comin up then you say his head is bigger
But I'm still the same-old same-old
The only thing changed was my Levi's to Girbaud
Damn, it just ain't right
But that's just the sh*t I have to go through cuz I claim I'm livin
the life

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