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Rascals - Heaven lyrics

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Heaven by Rascals

Sometimes baby when you're really down
It just doesn't seem to be a ray of hope around
And everybody that you meet
Kinda wears a frown
It's cold and lonely in the heart of town
Got to tell you all
There, there's a place that's called heaven
Don't you ever forget
Now once youve heard about heaven, yeah
I'm gonna get there yet
Some days you laugh, some days you cry
Sometimes it feels like the world passed you right by
But everybodys got to find a peaceful place to hide
You're out looking till you look inside
And I see you found it
There's a place that's called heaven
You might think that's kinda square, oh, oh yeah
Don't believe in heaven you aint never been there
They try to bring you down to their way of thinking, yeah
But don't you do it, no no, don't you let it get by
A little voice inside will tell you
Exactly what you're gonna do
Don't be blue
Don't have to go lookin near or far
Cause you can find happiness
Standing right where you are
Just open up the windows that are in your heart
And let the light shine,
Bring a love song if you're really together
There's a place that's called heaven
Filled with joy and peace, oh oh yeah
Once you get a look at heaven
You'll find the love that you seek
You'll find a world filled with peace
And all your troubles will cease
You know somebody said to keep on pushing
Cause there's a change that's got to come
She said thank the Lord
And every day I thank the Lord
For all the stars and all the seas
And all the birds and all the bees

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