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Rascals - Easy Rollin' lyrics

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Easy Rollin' by Rascals

Easy rollin', ain't no need to hurry at all
It's just a special mornin' when I wake yawnin'
& sun is shinin'
I feel like I've been dreamin' & freelance schemin'
On colored rainbows
Everything's fine as long as it's...
Easy rollin', I never seem to worry no more, oh no
Don't have a care or worry, no need to hurry
For relaxation
Turnin' out all the hassles & buldin' castles
For my vacation
It's gonna be nice & I'm just keepin' it...
Easy rollin', no need to hurry at all
Believe it, you don't have to worry
Hmm hmm hmm mmm, hmm oh
I'm livin' a dream a minute, deep down within it
My life's a flower
I think that I wouldn't change or rearrange
A single hour
Everything's fine now; it's got to be
Easy rollin'
Don't you worry at all, don't you worry no more
Don't have to hurry home, keep it easy

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