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Rapture - Untitled 2 lyrics

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Untitled 2 by Rapture

Past experience
Living life in the past tense
Looking back to the past
Looking at what I’ve become
Everything I’ve been through
Every Hell I’ve been to
Locked memories hide thoughts unimaginable
Secrets to a life so improbable
Locked under key for so many years
Blinded by my blind-sided fears
I’ve cried so many unforgettable tears
Depressed in so many keys
All you tried to is just love me
Denied all my life
Empowered by my never-ending strife
Licking my wounds clean
Every one so damn mean
Spat in my face
Those damn memories I can’t erase
Times have been trying
Sometimes I just feel like dying
Embraced by the spirit
Filled by the spirit
My cup is too full
Denied like a fool
Locked in chambers of pain
Can’t feel the cold acid rain
Chains in my brain kinked
Memory on the brink
Brain Overload
Gone crazy so I’ve been told

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