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Rapture - They're Laughing At Me lyrics

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They're Laughing At Me by Rapture

Trip and stumble on the sidewalk
They're laughing at me
Stutter when i talk
They're laughing at me
Don't know the definition of the word QUIET
They're laughing at me
Body shaking uncontrollably
They're laughing at me
Don't wear the right clothes
They're laughing at me
Asking because I can't comprehend
They're laughing at me
Have to go to LD class
They're laughing at me
Never went to regular school
They're laughing at me
They just don't understand me
Hardly comprehend me
Abusive words they use
But in the end they always lose
Frightened by the world around them
I forgive them.
If only they could experience the life I'm living, I'd think they would be a little more forgiving
Sticks and Stones will break your bones
But words will always hurt you
They laugh at us with our disabilities
Call it an inability to live right in this world
In this world hostility and aggression
We have got to stand against the oppression
Cold hearts deserve what they get
We stand tall and try to forget
To forget what they've done to us
Us who live in this world today
Us who live in this world afraid
Afraid of the hidden things in this world
Afraid of themselves and the whole world
Depression sets in and they lose they're living again
Their hearts beat fast against the clock
Tick... tock... tick... tock...
Hearts about to explode
Somebody has got to know
That unless something is done
The life we are living cannot be undone

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