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Raphael Saadiq - Get involved (feat. q-tip) lyrics

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Get involved (feat. q-tip) by Raphael Saadiq

(Q-Tip) Ummah, Ummah, Ummah
(1) S-A double D-I-Q
Yo, he wanna get involved with you (4x)
Met this girl walking in the ghetto
Looking good but looking down
(what's you say, come on by)
Said she needed inspiration
(what'd you say)
I said, 'Get yo sh*t cause we're goin uptown'
(uptown, baby, uptown, say what)
I could tell she was feelin better
(yeah, come on, yeah)
When she got inside the car
(when she got inside the car)
She was a dark skinned girl with pretty cornrows (uh huh)
She was doin her best to try to hide her scars
(say come on now, what you say now)
(2) I don't really care
About that there, just get involved
Boy you, makin me feel, uh oh so real
Just get involved
Eveytime I take you around friends
(come on, everytime I take you around friends)
I catch them lookin at you love
(lookin' at you love, lookin' at you like that)
You know it never ever bothered me
Because I know that I'm the one you're thinking of
Word up, word up, word up yo
Raphael just stopped in his tracks
Get involved and make it into the pack
You know the way that you present your thing
We in the belly so we might as well cling
The way you shine shorty you da sh*t
The princess in the pauper pit
We may be poor but we rich in soul
Just get involved and get in control
Just get involved and get in control
you know the way we do it, yo we roll

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