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Rancid - Bob lyrics

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Bob by Rancid

he spent 15 years getting loaded
15 years 'till his liver exploded
whats bob gonna do?
now that he can't drink
the doctor said
"hey what do you think of me?"
Bob said thats the point
i wasnt thinking about nothing
i gotta do something else
hey hey hey
and thats the time he went and shaved his head
new he did it in
12 help doctor mopets
and dont have a right to scoot up
say hey now
o down
when we get around
running around
and its drunk shot party over here mother f**ker lets go
a couple of knives and go to the show
we'll be kickin in his
at the punk rock show
bobs the kinda guy thats knows just
bobs the kinda guy that knows just what to do
when the docter tells him to
quite drinking all the time
will he ever walk the line
to all my friends
i feel fine
will he ever walk the line
kickin ass
busting heads

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