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Rad Kick - Tears In My Eyes lyrics

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Tears In My Eyes by Rad Kick

I heard my friend calling in danger - couldn`t hold her hand - she slipped away
I saw her eyes and knew that she would leave this world of happiness she never wanted to know
I talked to her I begged her " please don`t try this out ! I know what it is about. . .! "
She said " I know what I do ! I`m nomore a little girl, but you ! I`m your friend you can trust me!
Don`t you wanna be accepted, be one of them ? I know you will understand and see:
I don`t wanna go on like you anymore ! "
" Stupid ! You believe that grease on the brake makes them work better ? You`ve wiped out your sorrows easily
Likely you just increased it's potency..."
The crowed clapped their hands as she took the pipe. She inhaled deeply and the smile on their faces were wide.
You never never never knew, later they laught at you !
I turned away and said nothing. Slowly I began to understand...
And I felt the tears in my eyes
But she hasn`t known she said goodby
Tears in my eyes
She hasn`t known she said goodby to everything

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