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Rad Kick - Omniscience lyrics

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Omniscience by Rad Kick

I watched the sky and wondered why
It takes trouble to exist
I've tried to find solutions
But I did not find no problem, no
What is space?
What is time?
Do we always follow a hidden line?
Are we young ?
Are we old ?
Entrophy - warm or cold ?
I heard a mysterious voice
Screaming for it's baby - terrified
I felt the scream right in my flesh
The chill made hair rise on my neck
It is life that we've lost !
Not the sense of all behind
We are here to stay, not to save others souls - anyway
We've got to know what will happen
We can't see what will last
We've had some intercauses with power
Not able to control
We played with sparks and petrol
Keen on might - not on what has been
Our mind's a matchbox to a mountain
"Flying high - touch the sky"
There's definetely no answer to the question: "Why ?"

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