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Quest Jota - Imagine Yourself lyrics

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Imagine Yourself by Quest Jota

Imagine yourself prisoned fighting no way out of the tension
Wrecking lives, testified the court of judges
That decide for your whole life
Take me place your mark on my heart but I'll never fall apart!
Resistance is the key to maintenance of yourself
Stand your ground take the lead, brace yourself
Millions of lives dedicated to an unknown cause
Slaves suppressed by the lies they dream of what it was to be free
Humans are meant to, think for themselves
No more slaughter of human race by absolute control
Pictures flashing, confronting of what those tyrants did to us
Did no one realize the blood on their hands, in their eyes?
Please realize this time
Imagine yourself, chain and trapped for the profit of one man
Raise your fist against tyranny again
Monuments to remind us of the horror they have passed,
Fear indoctrinated did the terrors and the wars
Policies to prevent falling into repeat, after 50 years

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