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Pug Jelly - Shape up or ship out lyrics

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Shape up or ship out by Pug Jelly

Although the things i say in life often seem untrue,
I learn from life i learn from strife, Monkey See Monkey Do!
People often say to me 'Shape up of ship out'
I'm better off without them yeah, i'm better off with out...
I'm better off no doubt!
Don't know where to go, Don know what to see...
When things around me get real tough i just pack up and leave.
Things are feeling strange, i do not feel the same now!
Nothing can convince me to pack up and leave,
I love my home way too much to leave it behind me.
Although prospects of leaving, may inspire some,
I can't leave the place, can't lose the faith of where it all begun!
The place i still love!
Don't know what it is, that makes me home...home.
Can't pack up and leave, i can't go on.
Lift your head up, way into the sky
Life it up, through the clouds up way real high.
Shape up, Ship out, don't choose be like me.
Watch your sympathy

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