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Pt Grimm & The Dead Puppies - So, how does the floor taste? lyrics

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So, how does the floor taste? by Pt Grimm & The Dead Puppies

Everyone I've ever met in my life was a f**king idiot. I want to smash all my friends' faces with a f**king hammer. The only reason I haven't committed suicide yet is out of spite. I want to try f**king someone while they're crying. I have a f**king problem that I can't overcome. Everything is f**king pointless and I f**king hate everyone. I feel like someone's farted in a funeral. If you could read my thoughts, you'd put me in a f**king cage. Let me tell you something you don't want to hear. It's not even true. Nobody likes me because I am strange and dirty. I hide in my f**king basement all f**king day because I can read other peoples' f**king thoughts and they f**king disturb me. Plus, the f**king sun hurts my f**king eyes. I wish I could stitch my f**king mouth shut and take back everything I have ever f**king said to anyone. Sometimes these f**king humans are amusing and I enjoy them, but they just don't f**king get it. f**k this sh*t, I feel like dancing.

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