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Psycroptic - Battling the misery of organon lyrics

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Battling the misery of organon by Psycroptic

We feed on lies while our mind fights
Our times promote insecurity
The modern age (of) mental instability
A question of humanities morality, what is sin?
"keep with the times" - forced opon us
Pressuring our mind -
To bend our knees to a global infidelity
Corrupted/denied, our lives pre-emtped
Mentally designed to serve a cause of horrendous
Misdevelopment and told that we are free.
Inside of our mind, there a war it rages on
A psychology, a battle of organon.
Use your eyes - you can see...
A society conformed into a blind machine
Something tells you it cannot.
Television, magazines, literature - evil seed
It is planted inside you - by the ones who control
You must break free and fly...
There's a cage that surrounds
And it's bars are inside your head.
A prison of ungainly morals thrust into you from birth.
A fruitless quest for happiness.
It is your life and they'll f**k with it if you let them
Take back your mind.
See through the lies, you have the right
Freedom is there for the taking if you want it enough.
The need to be one of strong breed must be realised
Destroy the very systems that bring our demise
Kill the seed - or it will breed, torture,
Cerebral confusion, Organon fights!
To be saved from humanities tyrants, you just feel so alone
You can sense your intelligence bleeding
Just like blood from a stone.
It is seeping with hatred slowly,
For those who deem (to) control
You need freedom, for the cage will break
You can regain your soul. Reality - you shall see
Now, not blind the truth you'll find.
Human kind, unfortunate reality,
Destined to chase convienality
A quest for individuality. Break free of sin
"create the times" - screamed within you
Taking back your mind - a battle won outright
Future inspired by selfless beings - who win the fight
Will be our worlds saviours

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