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Psycroptic - Alpha Breed lyrics

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Alpha Breed by Psycroptic

Believing, proclaiming, wearing the crown - pinnacle of creation.
It fatalistic assumption human kind has made.
On the planet that is so wrongly called 'earth',
The initial and original keepers of this world still prosper freely among humans - subtly manipulating proceedings.
The feeble 5 senses that humans possess, keep them veiled What mankind cannot see is ignored.
Yet their presence cannot he denied.
The keepers work is methodical a simple task for immortals of this type.
Reasoning for their labour cannot be explained in human tongue,
Or understood by misleading simplistic emotions.
The diluted answer being 'humanity was unintentional...
In an age, long forgotten, the trials began.
Proud doesn't describe what the keepers felt, 'Man' and 'Woman'.
Vessels were entered by willing volunteers.
Yet something instantly was wrong - inside the vessel they became trapped.
Becoming one with the body not just a passenger.
Flawed in design; irreversible consequences.
Comprehension of the error bringing inexpressible grief.
Confined to their new prisons - the tainted two expelled and ostracized Primitive actions for an evolved kind.
Symbols of failure to be forgotten.
Unrestricted by the human physical form.
But bound by a timeless code,
They unemotionally await a natural end to their trial - the 'human race:
They created, but cannot destroy - science their god.
Thus research is holy.
Before work can begin again on the unforgotten perpetual quest there must be closure to their greatest failure.
In theft 'eyes':
The human body was intended,
Designed and created as a vessel:
A primitive get resilient shell to carry the keepers through folds in time;
A simple organic data storage tool with a finite duration.
Existence: as it is known by man was not intended.
Using knowledge of vessel duplication.
The tainted sought retribution to create a race of a failed breed,
Shaming the keepers for millennia.
Forced to watch the tainted become a plaque...
Capable yet powerless to cleanse the earth directly.
Loopholes revealed in the ancient code as time progresses.
The manipulation begins...
Mankind accepts destructive common events
Diseases, war, disasters are all experiments in progress.
The keepers refining their means of cleansing the earth.
While a blindly expanding civilization await their eviction

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