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Psycore - Set the record straight lyrics

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Set the record straight by Psycore

i've got some explaining to do to myself
how do you do to apply such pressure to yourself
i've got a doctors degree in apathy
and a black belt in misery
i need to set the record straight
got demons i need to liberate
i got to defuse my hidden hate
i have to set the record straight
the one thing that i've learner
living this life of mine
is that often it's sh*t
even if it seems fine
it's often worse than it seems
life is like an evil fiend
in the darkest of dreams
for a quarter of a century
it's been bad and then some
got to organise this pandemonium
there's so many problems i need to contemplate
i've got the good and the bad and the in between
to seperate
why wish you luck
don't give a f**k
life isn't fair
why should i care
the next breed
under construction
exposed to spirital liposuction
nothing is intact
radical fear reduction
the future is cracker
the future is a fact
the breed need to succeed

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