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Psychopunch - The zyko.p insanity lyrics

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The zyko.p insanity by Psychopunch

Blanks in my pocket a wasteland in my head
I wanna spit it out but it seems like everyone is dead
Booby trap my mind and baby count to three
I laugh at the dying horse I'm glad it wasn't me
& now they wanna chance me
Or maybe rearange me
Like a power source - I'm a loaded gun
I got no remorse - for the things I've done
But my power slips away
They locked me up for good today
Science getting access to my brain
Stiches in my head a bad f**king deal
A pretty girl in white asks me how I feel
The ball of confusion is rollin' down the lane
Like a lethal injection…….no more pain
So what the hell did you expect
Less than zero or a little respect
But i'm goin' down in history
I will dwell in misery
The Zyko P insanity

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