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Psychopunch - Straight jacket hell lyrics

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Straight jacket hell by Psychopunch

When the daylight turns to gray
I can't open up my eyes, can't move my legs
Such an awful place to dwell
All the walls are painted white can't live to tell
They feel so sorry for my f**ked up sorry mind
Like a walking timebomb people better treat me kind
Came down so evil all the girls they walked away
Now I'm all alone in this cell
I can't remember why I'm here or what to say
In this straightjacket hell
If tomorrow never comes it don't mean that much to me
I don't belong
Medication time again, I can't move my f**king arms
Can't feel no pain
And the doctors they all say that I'm OK
In my straightjacket hell
Living like a zombie here today
Gone tomorrow nothing seems OK
Living like a zombie here today
Born free but now I live in chains
I live alone and you can go to hell
I'm safe in straightjacket hell

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