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Psychopunch - Cold heart disaster lyrics

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Cold heart disaster by Psychopunch

Well baby Johnny-Two-Times took a walk alright
To the hard-on row, it was a cold dark night
Meaner than Satan, smooth as a shark
Around the corner of love he heard the wild dogs bark
He heard the lady scream all down the line
He pulled down his pants and got ready to grind
Now little Suzy Ballcrush she was pretty messed up
In her evening gown looking for you know what
She met the two-times man, such an ugly sight
She said it´s do or die and then he pulled a knife
Like the stars in the sky
They shine so bright at night
But there´s trouble ahead
This is what I say:
It´s gonna be a cold heart disaster
Are you talking to me now?
Said Suzy to the master
It´s gonna be a cold heart disaster
Should have stayed at home
Or walked a little faster
Well baby Johnny-Two-Times´ pretty hot tonight
Walking down the street gently stroking his knife
Meaner than Satan, crude as a dog
With a smile on his face he took a ride on the hog
Little Suzy Ballcrush don´t you be afraid
Because bad motherf**king Johnny is minute made
So don´t you ever feed hungry birds in the street
Cause you never know who you´re about to meet
There´s a lesson they learned and then their fingers got burned
Because of bad f**king Johnny I can hear Suzy curse

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