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Psalm - The Vital Art Of Pretending lyrics

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The Vital Art Of Pretending by Psalm

I'm afraid, I can't stand this loneliness
I need your touch, fuel of life
Look into the eyes of the faint-hearted
I need your heart, fuel of life
I need your love, fuel of life
Don't you turn away, come closer now
Soon there won't be a turning back
Point of emotional no-return
Walls closing in, close you eyes
You think you know who I am but you
Can't see through the web of lies
Cause I have betrayed, lied and deceived
Just like all, all of you
This is the game we're all meant to play
Take a step into my world
Lie, we must lie to meet love, conquer hearts
Dangerous, ominous
Lie, we must lie
Or die alone
Dangerous, ominous
I ain't the worst kind
Dangerous, ominous
I'll play 'til the bitter end
Let me drag you into my world
I just need your trust
Let me drag you into my world
I shall see myself in your eyes
Or I'd be lost
In nothingness
You think you know
What I've done?
You think you know
What's behind this mask?
Honesty, you believe in honesty?
You should run away
Let me be everything you ever wish I'd be
You should be more careful what you wish for
Lost in psychotic war, you will fall
Love, you're in love
Lost, now you're lost
You're roaming on the edge of thorns
Doors closed, you're mine now
Doors closed, cycle ends
The place where you belong
Is right here with me
Fill my heart with some hope
We all need some light
You believe in false Messiahs
But we're all clowns
Dangerous, ominous
Please, don't cry
I'm worth so much more
You believe in this utopia
But we're all frauds
Dangerous, ominous
Please, don't cry
You ain't seen nothing yet
[Repeat first & second verse]
Closer to your heart
I live in my own lie
Closer to your end
You live in my own hell

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