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Psalm - Submission lyrics

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Submission by Psalm

Teach me how to hate
Dragging your lies
Dragging your most secret sins and I
Can't see through your
Can't see through your
Blinded hubris
Well disguised in true love
At age five, can't break these chains
No control
Mother, father
Blinded by their own weakness
Fearless indoctrination
Ignoring the regression
Needless incarceration
I'll swallow the submission
Shatter my dreams
Drown them in your
Selfish vision of one's existence
See no shame, bury blame
Devour me, in your arms
Help me!
My fate in you hands
My hate now unwinds
Blanked mind, burn my tears
Why imprisoning me, inside your fortress?
You just wanna play God
Ignoring your conscience
Feed on my youth
Spit on my soul
Why could it not just vanish now?
Quench your thirst
Rip my heart right from it's chest
What you are
What you killed inside
Is what I hate most from now on
Hope you soon will measure your deeds
Are you happy now?
Still it's too late to crawl back now
Are you happy now?
My own blood, Judas kiss
My own blood, sweet sweet bliss
Cold wind now blows, grinning scarecrows
Black seeds now grow, heart breathes below

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