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Psalm - Butterfly Suicide lyrics

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Butterfly Suicide by Psalm

Please, don't take my innocence away
Peel my heart from it's youth
Expose it to love, expose it to hate, the worse enemies of happiness.
Expose it to hope, expose it to fear, the worse enemies of forgiveness.
Don't show your frightening wounds
Closure of harmlessness
Poor fool, you can't turn back time.
Sad wings of destiny
The butterfly is dying inside
He's cripple, he's old, he can't fly no more
The crows are growing inside
They're black, they're vicious, they're rotten to the core
Brutal transition
Open his eyes, youth is now obsolete
Helpless, youthfulness
He'll soon be life's pitiful apprentice
I don't want to become like them, you hear me?
I can't be like them, I'm a better man!
I'm so scared of the man I'll destroy, I'll become
So scared of pain I will cause to others
You want me to forget my past
You're telling me
How to grow up
How to fit right in
This forsaken world
How to crush me
Annihilate me
Butterfly suicide
Butterfly suicide
I can't believe you
- You can't avoid me
I just despise you
- You are here with me
I'm not a scapegoat
- Don't be your saviour
I cannot trust you
- But I will rule you too
Paying the highest
Toll of what man can
Pay in such a short
Notice of time, why?
Can't you see why
My desperate cries
Can't be held down?
It is eating me alive
Why can't the butterfly just die inside?

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