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Project Wyze - Strangers among us (in album only if i knew) lyrics

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Strangers among us (in album only if i knew) by Project Wyze

Love changes
Best friends become strangers
Yas, tell them how you feel
They say, "Money is the root of all evil"
But I think it's people
So many friends say they would die for you
But they lie to you
You were the one I thought would never betray me
Where you been hiding lately?
It's kinda funny how you played me
Like a violin
Thought we would die as friends
Caught in your lies at the end
We can start over and try it again
The irresponsibility leaves me with no trust
I wouldn't stab you in the back
But that's the difference between us
You sold me out and that's the reason I hate you
You got a free ride home and I didn't even get a thank you
You thought you could just walk away from this battle
Tell me how does it feel to still stand in Yas and Bobby's shadow?
Tell me who's your friend - ha
Because you never know
I can't forgive
I can't forget
And I can't let it go
Sometimes I wonder why your friends they pull you under
Hate crashes like thunder
I'll never know
Yeah I said my piece, Yo Bobby why don't you tell them how you feel?
They say, "Time heals all wounds"
But I'm still bleeding
Seeing friends become enemies
Now what's left?
Nothing but bad memories
I'm feeling confused, used and left stranded
I'm feeling played and betrayed
I know you planned it
I know you thought you left me empty handed
You know where Yas and Bobby are headed and you can't stand it
God damn it
We used to be friends
Now we're foes
You chose the wrong path
Ok, we'll go our separate ways and see who gets the last laugh
You sold me out and that's the reason I hate you
You walked away and I'm glad that I never replaced you
You stabbed me in the back and it cut like a knife
So tell how does it feel to make the worst mistake of your life
Enemies - ha
Friends - ha
Enemies - ha
Friends - ha

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