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Prodigy Blacck - Life I Can't Stand ('03 Freestyle) lyrics

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Life I Can't Stand ('03 Freestyle) by Prodigy Blacck

[Verse 1: Prodigy Blacck]
It's like a fuckin habit..
They see dope they go and grab it..
Tryin keep clean stray away from these faggots..
You best pray at night for ya wife..
That crimminal's don't do the unthinkable..
An break threw both of ya windows..
To take ya mothafuckin life.
Twenty Four cap's inbetween the yellew lines..
Polices Siren's going off..
Evidence of 1st degree with a dull butter knife..
My birth to this world was a fatality..
Because I make geed's, all these nigga's mad at me..
I still try to run at the similar face..
Dangerous haze, runnin onto my face..
At a dangerous hace..
At the same time one nigga die's just to take anotha's place..
I take dangerous risk..
Everytime in the public..
Tryin to take a piss..
In fear that my nigga about to die..
With millions of strenges goin threw his wrist.
I live a hard life..
Many people don't even understand..
Like my nigga in the back..
Along with a fucked up right hand..
He was a vice lord, nothin like these cowards..
Runnin' threw the buildings blowin shit up..
Similar story, just like the twin towers..
I say goodbye to the mothafuckin estates..
The only way I escape is threw this path..
Threw a Windchester's holster where I go past..
Tied in poverty, cop's can't handle me..
A God, Prodigy rises threw the blood..
Of the cries of god's mercy..
I speak the truth of the name "Ikechi"..
Godly word play like my nigga biggie..
Blew up some wind pipe's now am at it at three..
I got Thrall's approval now I'm all G'ed..
On both knee's in god's name all my nigga's rise and die to plede..
It's like back in 93'..
When I was only three year's old..
Born solemnly in the project's of Coolidge South East..
A young nigga who couldn't even feel his fuckin feet..
I forbid the mockery of a thug's past..
It's just the life that ya nigga can't stand..

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