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Prodigy Blacck - I Think About You lyrics

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I Think About You by Prodigy Blacck

[Intro: Prodigy Blacck]
..I just keep getting these thoughts in my head..
[Verse 1: Prodigy Blacck]
If we get into arguments..
You know..
I'll always try to make you win..
I'm not a bad person..
Try to explain and tell both ya parents..
Before I forget and parish..
Anyway, where you want to go?
I take you anywhere..
Including France, Eiffel tower in paris..
Not like them dog's..
Who lie to you just to get a kiss..
You the one I love..
If you leave, I'll never forget..
Livin in a cardboard box munchin on biscuits..
You picture that?
I knew that'd look rediculous, but you'd smile..
So that still make's it in aspect's halarious..
Angelic eye's waiting for Prodigy's magical touch..
You're probably wondering why I never told you straight up..
Because I was afraid to admit I was in love..
I can't help it, so I speak it out of my mouth..
Just to tell you I think about you, even right now..
[Chorus x2]
I just think about you all the time..
Very pretty in my mind..
I love you girl, so I say it in my rhymes..
[Verse 2: Prodigy Blacck]
I really like you a lot rosie..
Think about you every day and night..
I was just wondering what life would be like..
If I just had you as my first wife..
A nigga can get lost by startin in ya bright eyes..
Pretty and nice, similar to the skies..
My words are genuine speak it softly in my rhymes..
It's like magic, when I think of you..
Your favorite color's, pink, purple, green or blue..
You look good, I'm tryin to be modest..
When I first saw you..
I fell in love in first sight, I'm really being honest..
Your nice brown eye's remind me of Pocahonest..
You know your always my first pick..
First sight, I knew I'd make you my chick..
As cocky as it sounds, I was destined to do so..
I was still lovin you more than anyone else though..
I'm not going to play you, like others did..
I have respect for ya..
Ya heart isn't something I'd dare play around with..
Like Mind Games, you had me hypnotized..
With all of these nice thought's runnin through my mind..
People told me that I should try..
Even though my emotion's tell me that love is blind..
Your not far, but it seem's like millions of miles..
Should I walk, or use the phone..
I get nervus with each digit I dial..
Imagination in my mind of you drivin me wild..
I really like you, and I just want you to know your special..
No matter how many battles I fight..
Or how many people I have to fight or wrestle..
I'll rise on the top..
And threw VIA Email I'll say "I love you girl!"
In size sixty five billion, or even larger than that as the font
[Chorus x2]
I just think about you all the time..
Very pretty in my mind..
I love you girl, so I say it in my rhymes..

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