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Prince Of Tennis - What I Need lyrics

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What I Need by Prince Of Tennis

[Intro: Kardinal Offishall]
Yeah, uh huh uh huh
Circle (huh), uh huh uh huh
T-Dot, uh huh uh huh
Kardinal, what it is though niggaz
Yo check it (what I need!)
[Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall]
What I need is for niggaz to let me live (man, chill!)
Deal with niggaz who's blood spill
Empty a couple clips and they label niggaz assassins
Fact, show them my life is worth more than a contract (what I need)
What I need is for chickens to stop tricking, licking the kitten
And hitting every rap nigga's hit (what I need)
What I need is for people to love one God, one hoe, one time
Nigga, respect the rhyme (word)
Chew the way that I flex, it's next level sh*t
Turn off the beats, I cross off the treble sh*t
What I need is for money to match clothes
Fifty dollars a word (word), million dollars a show (show)
Billion dollars a video, ten bucks a hoe!
Billion dollars a dozen, the Circle niggaz know (yeah)
One dollar per president, fifty cents a CEO
Pay back but I still retake yo (blah!)
[Chorus: Prince Paul]
We keep it hot when we up in the spot
Everytime when we on the grind
Make it happen if you calling the shots
Do you and I'm a handle mine
My 2-way and my cellular phone
Be blowing up in a rediculous way
Sipping the game like I'm slanging the zone
The Mary Jane or a nickle of lle
What I need
[Verse 2: Sly Boogy]
What I need is a first-class ticket
And a five star luxury suite so I can kick it (what I need)
What I need is a fat ass podium
And my money up front when I'm packing a coliseum (what I need)
What I need regular rotation across the nation
On every radio station
Now that you know nigga, what you gone do?
And let me know so I can put the homies

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