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Pretty Maids - Wouldn't Miss You lyrics

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Wouldn't Miss You by Pretty Maids

A love explosion
One big bang
Like a supernova
One outstanding date with her
Just one flash
And I was spellbound
Love came crashing right into my world
But now she says she's leaving me
that love ain't what it used to be
But I won't let go
I can't let go
I wouldn't miss you for the world
I wouldn't miss one day without you
I couldn't live without you girl
I wouldn't miss the things that we do
And nothing in this world could come between
The queen of all my dreams
And all that glitter
All that grace
No such love would come my way
Without you
And girl you're all that matters to me
no broken hearts or shattered dreams
won't do us no good
Now all want is high romance
I've had my share of one night stands
But it's over now
It's all over now
And no one in this world could play your part
You had my heart held hostage from the start
Let me cut down to the bone
Well It's much to my regret
I was the first to cast the stone
Now why can't you forget
She's my woman
She's my fire
Everything to me

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