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Postmen - Our World (Feat. Morgan Heritage) lyrics

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Our World (Feat. Morgan Heritage) by Postmen

This is our world
World of reggae music
Where Jah truth lives within
This is our world
World of reggae music
Everybody is welcome within
The other day I met a little youth around the way
Postmen him said start ask me questions bout black history
Him said because the school him go them not go teach em anyway
Plus all him knows about colonial life and slavery days
So I try to tell him understand we as African descendants
From the tribes of abash Zulu Masai and not to mention
Ajani all is you and I seek truth and see through lies
The reason why we chant with Morgan yah yah children unify so
Yo this ain't no fly by night.
Trying to reach to the heights of the of the most high
Taking you through the seven letters of .Rasta Fari
He yo it's Jah teaching us livity in this time
To our ancient forefathers, mothers sons and daughters
Before there is peace voted
We want to see at least see some of what our prophets quoted
Respect nature and the hand that molds it
A slight difference in mankind
Whether it is color or religion all plain vision is a state of mind
With this music comes the truth
It's an offence to some but it is the truth
Like the prophets before you and me
Our strength is in Jah now check the unity
Morgan Heritage and Postmen symbolize the unity
Unity and Jah children blessed with prosperity
Don't revile us just regonice us
Come with clean hands give each other glory
Peter them all want progression
All youths gather around
Everyday is the right day
Word spread all over town
Each one teach one
When will we all unite
Wicked man them rule the nation
Causing all of us to fight
Let me set it off
For all the ghetto kids that ain't better of
It's only love no drugs
Spit truth for the world and the children abroad
Staying true to the game
Cause it's only life no need to blame
No one for your errands
We unify cause there is love to gain

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