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Portal - Your Kettle lyrics

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Your Kettle by Portal

I can't believe this isn't yesterday, a child would suffice in your stead
Such simple lines we draw for love and life, for most sufficient left unsaid
The journey's long and hard, not without pain, we may not always mark our ways
With deeds of pride and deeds of dignity, but learn with every passing day
This not the first, and far from last I'm sure, that "unto others" found neglect
Ten years too long for immaturity, too short for clever to forget
Advising readings to accommodate the heightened senses that you've made
In spite of reason and experience, the pot is blackened, kettle fades
It'll dissipate, there isn't much time won't sedate
A moment's pause to ruminate, then forward worry free
But I'll not forget, your ever lurking silhouette,
Bereft of any real regret, projecting faults on me
I should have read, I could have seen, it's all in line with all I've known
Glass house fingers pointing outward, no reflection, nothing owned
Catch phrase optics, aberrations, all seems fair in greed and war
No more, I'm through - I'm not your kettle
I should have read, I could have seen, it's all in line with all you've shown
A sheltered youth that's far from over, a sense of self so privilege grown
Politics of avaritia, hoarding yours and seeking more
That's it, I'm through, I'm not your kettle
It's not you, it's always someone else who needs to change
What about you, this narrow view has left you so estranged
Do you see, a real man rights his wrongs, then walks away
It's not you – you're not wrong – no way
Keep lies for yourself, but don't lie to me
You've she'd a new light that's helped me to see
The sheltered beliefs your berth has sustained
But ethics you're free to choose
The system has graced you since casting lots
It favors the 'haves' and cripples the 'nots'
Everything you are was given to you
You're nothing without your shoes
But that's not enough, oh no not for you
This construct, your place, what you fell into
You preach to protect at others' expense
In true forms of worth you lose
There's no ire, no I'm free
But the fire helped me see
What's been burning, and what's true
In the ashes, respect for you
That's it, I'm through, I'm not your kettle! (x4)

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