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Poor Old Lu - Cruciality lyrics

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Cruciality by Poor Old Lu

Another one of the last songs written for Mindsize, it became our first real single (though 'More' was the first official single, it was not promoted as such). Within a few weeks, Cruciality hit #1 on one of the popular Christian charts. During a show in Irvine, CA, our record label presented us with a plaque to commemorate the event.
'Cruciality' was one of the few pseudo "politically-minded" songs that we had. The intent of the song was not to put anyone down, however, but show that our focus needs to be set upon our walk with the Lord, and sharing His love with those around us. When we focus on outside issues, such as environmentalism, we risk taking our eyes off of the Most Important One. Are these issues bad? No. Not necessarily, but Jesus needs to be the focus.
Inside my selfish thinking
In the middle I'm always sinking
I am so far down I can't escape
But all around the trees are falling
Too much sunshine comes in
And so I wait another day
What is brightest in my life
And what will I receive (tomorrow)
If I'm Spirit filled will I be so content (so content with sorrow)
Crucial is my mind on Christ
So much He had to (He had to die)
Buildings empty, standing tall
Precious people breathe and fall
What will you have when all is thru?
Or maybe then I save the sea
For other people after me
Instead I am never living now
Turn my eyes and to the stars
Is there life so very far?
Or better is there any very near
It is this so understand me
Christ gave so we can be free
And will I wait another day
Is this love?
Is this life?
This world's already gone
This world needs the Son
But we have so many things to do?
And so enough of flower power
Step on ways that make us sour
We cannot wait another day.

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