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Pooh Man - Eatin' Pussy lyrics

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Eatin' Pussy by Pooh Man

Yeah baby
It's about the nastiest little
Song you ever heard of
So your momma's and daddy's better close ears
Cause I am about to get explicit
Verse 1:
Relax bitch
And take off your fucking coat
Call me the bay
About to rock your fucking boat
You said sing a song
So I sang to you
11 long bitchs
Yeah bitch and I'm blaming it
Throw those big wet thighs on my shoulders
While I attack it like a motherfucking soldier
You said you love me
Scream a little louder bitch
I can't tell from the moans and groans and shit
I am straight sweating my dick is on pause
Slow down baby lets take it to and fro
I feel it coming can you handle the nut
This shit feels hella good awww fuck straight
Your dick feels so good
Feels so good to me
Verse 2:
I guess it's tongue time
Put you knees to the floor
Take your time baby
Your lips are kind of cold
I never thought she would suck me this right
You suck my dick like a rap on the mic
That's good honey so do it like that
You like the way it feels to suck a big mack?
You went down like you knew your righteous place
You little freak wipe that cum off your face
Don't swallow it to fast
Take time to savor it
Use your tongue and be a bitch and play with it
Do it real good make my knees weak
And tell it how it feels young freak
Your dick feels so good
Feels so good to me
Verse 3:
Take it out
Take the dick and steoke it
Put it in your mouth but don't choke bitch
Suck me fuck me lick me freak me
If not everyday we can do it weekly
And now I am tired so lets hit the tub
Yeah baby give me a backrub
It was cool it lasted kind of long
Yeah bitch it's the 1990 love song
Your dick feels so good
Feels so good to me
Take it off baby
Way too cool
Why don't you put it up in my face real quick darling
Can I have it
Have you ever felt a tounge like this sexy
Yeah but we got a thing called do me first
And I will do you so lets work this honey
Can I hear you
Ant man
Ain't a bitch in the world suck dick like this
I know your momma's and daddy's
Think I am way too explicit
But guess what your daughter like it
Bye baby

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