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Pooh - Lie, Lie, Lie lyrics

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Lie, Lie, Lie by Pooh

'Lie, Lie, Lie' hearkens back to those great songs of the '70's... or atleast it's supposed to. The track begins with a horrendous buzz and background noise. All just part of the special sound. We brought in Dave Sprinkle (yes, Aaron and Jesse's dad) as well as our youth pastor, Craig Finley, to sing background vocals. Lastly, we added a good 'clap' track to round it out.
Intended to tell a story, it starts with a typical person who is tired of the day-to-day grind and sets out to find something more fulfilling. In the process they leave behind all the things they've grown up believing. The bridge is the turn around point where our subject ends up in a hotel room, alone and confused, and finally turns to the Lord. The last verse completes the turn-around, focusing not just on the quick fix but setting sights on Christ in all things.
Tired of seven hours a day
And weekends that go too fast
I set my sights on boardwalk streets
And a sunset that will last
I grabbed my coat and told my friends
That i was going away
Just a few long miles and a few good smiles
And i'll have my love today
Ohh, lie, lie, lie
Why must i look so hard?
Ohh, lie, lie, lie
Must i be so far?
Intent on a life that is what i dream
I set out to be free
Turned my check on my beliefs
With whatever in front of me
Sick of words like 'trust' and 'hope'
And 'hey man, you got to be good'
But if i want i'll sit and stare
All day at the clouds like i wished i could
And just for tonight
A place to rest my head
My syes were heavy
But i found no peace in this bed
With the silence around
I felt so alone again
Well, i closed my eyes with lifted hands
And i fell to my knees instead
Tired of tears and a broken heart
And love that fades too fast
I set my sights for golden streets
And a joy that will ever last...

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