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Pods - Love Monkey lyrics

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Love Monkey by Pods

I was searching in a million other days
I was staring at my shoes
I was dreaming of a car back then
Now I'm dreaming of you
All the corn died in the year I was born
My mother vanished in a daze
My father told me, Son, love is for fools
I'm gonna give this all away
And we can be together
Because from the very start
The one I was picturing was you
And we can be together
Because deep within my heart
The one I was dreaming of was you
You're my
Love Monkey 4x
Life it rolled in from the deep dark void
Creating something no one knew
Collecting matter from the ends of the earth
And this matter became you
I was tripping on the specks in your eyes
On recalling your forte
You were heaven wrought in my single bed
We could hear the mattress pray
Bred from the finest strain in the town
Gave the boys something to see
Sparks are flying from the end of your tongue
Blonde hair swaying over me

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