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P.Moody - #Bitches And Bottles lyrics

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#Bitches And Bottles by P.Moody

It's very simple, cause I'm not a complicated man, when I go to the club I
Just need 2 things, b**ches and bottles.
b**ches and some bottles, b**ches and some bottles, b**ches and some
b**ches and some b**ches and some bottles, b**ches, Bottles, b**ches,
Bottles, b**ches, b**ches, b**ches, Bottles
Verse 1:
b**ches and some bottles, we f**king with some models, black ones,
White ones a couple of Mulatto's, Haters got a screw face, looking like
Picasso's, cause my money looking like I won the f**king lotto, they ain't
In my lane though, speak a different lingo, chain so Rocky, I call that
Rambo, watch got the flawless, no VVS's in 'em, shoes red bottoms,
Nigga Balmain denim, Came with my niggas, leaving with some b**ches,
SRD Boys motherf**ker get familiar, I do it like Diddy, but I ain't
f**king with Ciroq, I do it big nigga, poppin' Krug Privat, pull a pretty
b**ch like Cassie and keep her on lock, while I'm trying to find a booty
Like Jenny from the block, and I ain't shallow, cause I like girls for
Mind, that's why I'm, trying to get head all the time
We puff Bob Marley, we might pop Molley, She said she'd give her all to
Me, besides dick she gets none from me, I could buy out the bar, I don't
Buy out the bar, drinks free everywhere, cause they know who we are,
You f**king with a star nigga, oh my Lord nigga, young motherf**ker,
Money looking like a old nigga, and I ain't saying she's a golddigger, but
She ain't messing with a broke nigga (You know it) Get down girl, go
Ahead get down, get down girl, go ahead get down, cause I ain't 'bout the
Drama, man I put that on my mama, cause I'm all about peace like the
f**king Dalai Lama, but I'm 20 deep in here nigga, you don't want a
Problem, cause my heat'll put a dot on you, ain't talking 'bout a comma
See there is just something, I just don't understand, there is like a
Pretty b**ches up in this club tonight, so why would you think that I
Wanna waste my precious time, looking at you, looking at me, looking at
You, nigga? nigga?

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