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Try Me (Freestyle) Lyrics



Try Me (Freestyle) Song Lyrics

Try Me (Freestyle) by Pizzle

Shout out my younger can man, tell me to jump on this sh*t
Let a nigga try me, try me
Imma f**k every b**ch in this family
And I aint playing with nobody
Put seven of yours, they didnt let that guy free
Man I swear these niggas must be off the maley
My name hole way like a f**king dolly
All them bros waves when they see my passy
Had to tell your bro way that b**ch is freak nasty
Man we swap b**ches cuz the sh*t is nothin
Play her hard, need to set, we let em f**k my cousins
And some niggas from the mill, how use to be buzzin
How they invence, dont be bringing much
All that big round dont get you a bugged
You just gonna beat that land nigga
No, nobody f**k with you
Always defend that nigga, he must be your husband
You the police, f**k twelve, I dont lose the doziness
Knock and I kick you down you girl,
You know whats left to ?
We busting in like we tryna have a baby
I mean my paper daily
Put her paper like Haley for all that money
Im on that hot sh*t
And I still want that fifty
I aint forgot b**ch
Im paddy like that, these little niggas they aint ready like that
You requesting be for automatically with that
You pathetic with that
Gotta do all to feed like a pedicure
Then you need money, I dont know a better cure
Better quit talking nigga, we are setting off like an alarm
I couldnt alarm you niggas, on the flow
Im in it and they go
But now they know and they say yes we flow
Ill be making these plays
You see the yes-s and no-s
I want that yes-s without those
Last in the middle, last in the middle
When Ill be smoking that weed
Your nigga will get you a wired dog
Hoping to sell like window
She said she will hit it like geto
I do a lot to get my life right
A lot would listen my last side
Im like OML, I shoulda brought he to school
For sure to tell
Im on that too pack, hit em max down, no blue can tell
Try to compete with a nigga you ask
I put that on my ass so you ill
Up against your line, why they takes you right
Man this f**k sh*t nigga already knew
I aint even made it, Im already lose
Freak hoer love, when they dis me too
I really get love in the city that I came up
I can't say the same about you
Niggas was turn off that wack verse
Like that sh*t was really true
But if you a fan of that, nigga, that says a lot about you, hold on
Dopes nigga ever ball here?
With the niggas from my team
Making money like saw in Spanish
Cuz is the only thing that I see
So many jewels on me, do you not see
And these places that you have not see
And bust away from the paparazzi
Try to put a baby is serache and no one can stop me
Try, try me yeah try me
Grand design on the way nigga

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