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Philsner - Ya Bish lyrics

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Ya Bish by Philsner

Intro: it's Philsner DDI
Verse 1 [Philsner]:
I gotta tell you some you listening?
I'll never stop f**king until you p**s on me again
Make you turn around and bend over
While I hold yo shoulders I do it slower
I know they can't make you wetter
Make you squirt make scream like u were in danger
Make you push me while I hit it faster, tighter
I spank that ass but I aint no teacher
Look straight in my eyes while you sucking it
You gotta see my face while I'm coming in
Screaming DDI you gotta stop
I wanna make u never ever wanna go to the sex shop
Cos I satisfy I got the biggest size
Baby girl you fine make me wanna ride
I hit it from behind holding your hairline
Oh those sexy eyes makes my dick rise
Ya Bish, I hate it when you say that
Ya Bish, I hate it when you say that
Now twerk, shake it misbehaver
Work that ass you getting paid later
No Maybcach but I'm a big boss
Suck my dick until your lips aint got no lip gloss
I make yo legs shake like a vibrator
You can come first I'll join you later
Man enough to last the whole night with you
It's all about tonight in the morning I don't know you
It's like I had sex with a stranger
Last night I was wasted and I blame ya
How did you get in my bed please explain
And why the f**k is my whole body full of pain
Oh I wait, I know, Kama Sutra type of doggy style
I go in deeper untill both my balls are inside
DDI tatooed on that ass
I'd get straight A's if there was school for sex
Lay on yo back open those legs wide
When I call you know what I'm about
No rules regulations ain no crime
But when I'm inside u never bail me out
Trust me bish I don't remember you
I aint no snitch Is this deja vu?
Let's just switch and go to my bedroom
I'll turn your lights out like you never paid yo bills boo
Suck it if u wanna, you want cash now don'tcha?
Can u be badder than Rihanna? you on fire?
Don't worry I'm a fire fighter
I'll never fight you though, put you on the matress remove the latex let you feel my flesh
And give you 4 orgasms on each and every climax
Outro[Philsner]: At Philsner DDI on twitter. Soul For Sale Mixtape, It's out, Get it. Peace.

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