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Philsner - Tired Of Us lyrics

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Tired Of Us by Philsner

Feat. D-Man
Intro[Philsner]: I'm tired of you, I'm tired of us. Actually, I'm done. it's Philsner DDI
Baby girl I know you know that you got my missed call and you never called back
But I was not amused 'cos I kinda seen it coming and I had to fall back
Now I'm tired coming to you just to argue about the same sh*t
Acting like you just changed sh*t
But now I'm done and I'm moving on (X2 last line)
Trust me I'm trying
f**k it I'm dying
L-O-V-E it's the curse of the spelling
If it was possible I wouldn't date
I had faith in, us now I hate the past
Trust me I'm trying
f**k it I'm dying
You my pubic hair that's why I'm shaving
Like a song ending we slowly fading
I was only dating you Holy gracious
Verse 1[Philsner]
I think you gotta find another man
It's not the same anymore it's hard to pretend
Someone who'll take all this bullsh*t and still be man enough
To kiss you goodnight and hug you before you go bed ('cos I'm done)
That aint me boo
You too insecure while you know that I'm faithul
20 percent we happy the other 80 we fight
Then I stop calling just because of my pride
I hate it when we fight trust me
But every time we kiss and make up it's lovely
While we cuddling and making fake promises
Say we'll never fight again but the truth is
A lot girls are singing my songs out there
They say they wanna be with me but you see I'm still here
'Cos I recall what I promised oh damn
I said I'll never leave even if we go through hell/
Verse 2[Philsner]:
It's hard 'cos I'm tryna leave while you all that matters
I'm Feeling like a dove with no feathers
This thing only started as a minor
Our relationship is like we walking bare foot on fire
I can't take anymore
Ofcos I love you but, what I am staying for?
We start off great but what then follows torture
Tryna to fix it is like I'm pushing you away futher
You never wannet me to rap
But you enjoyed the gig money that I always spent
On you, so it still doesn't make sense
I got you everything in exchange for being cursed
You called yourself Lady Philsner
You enjoyed the fame and attention that I got ya
Everybody knew about us but you still
Had to kill me inside like an abortion pill

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