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Philsner - Cheap Rappers lyrics

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Cheap Rappers by Philsner

Feat. D-Man
Intro[Philsner]: Soul For Sale! it's Philsner DDI, got my dawg D-man. Le'go! Le'go!
Hook[Philsner and D-Man]:
Cheap rappers with no flow
I kill rappers who selling gold
[D-Man]: Proposition, my opposition don't know a thing about getting doe
[Philsner]:Where I am from, you better take it as an inspiration
They used to make us pay on gigs we perform in X2
Verse 1 [Philsner]:
It's been a while since I dropped, but now I'm back G
I always tryna stop but these niggas are pushing me
I have been ready before birth, sickest nigga on earth
So sick my life is shorter than an elf
And go, getting cash stay low
A skinny hoe will never see my bed or get chance to suck my dick no
Never give 'em a chance, I always stay blessed, I'm fresh
Don't test, agree yes, I never witness stress
Iince I knew how to rap and dance I'm the best f**k Nyovest/
Philsner DDI askies da do you mind worshiping me I'm the greatest alive
Leave you behind dying inside that typa flow to take away yo bride
On you wedding day I get an applause/ never signed I'm my own boss
Rappers I toss, Against me yo flow is going down like Victoria Falls
"Pause" is what gay niggas say
Flow on maximum power I mixed red bull with play
Killer verses my inner curses I praise to numb the pain
All my ex's left in hearse's they dead to me anyway
Hook[Philsner and D-Man]
Verse 2[D-Man]
Philsner DDi
It's dps outchea and I aint talking no pics
It's word to D-man and Philsner/
Tell me that aint sh*t I've been all about bars from the 1st day
With my thoughts all around tryna escape my 1st tape was late/
So I took break, like a coma inked out in an essay
Blowing the words, tryna be the bad guy
I was tryna spit my verse but they put me on stand by
But it's cool thou
As you can see I'm all up in that new mode
Mainstream pursue goal
But then the mind set on Pluto
My approach is approachable
Ntanga just quite the bull
Presence is heaven sent and the aura is invincible
Kill sh*t like everyday
No time for a rainy days
It's God's plan no programme
Dope man I'm golden
I don't chill with no lame acts
Suck a D that's a braniac
These type of lines are cafeteria just sit down and get
Word up to the dope kids
I hope they notice
That These rhymes are focus
Convertible head I'm topless
I got in my zone no pen and paper to write a song
Thanks to technology I wrote this on my phone
Doing magic to my keypad, it's longer kisses we get
From girls that be coming back, after a satisfying tap
Hook[Philsner and D-Man]
[D-Man]: Proposition, my opposition don't know a thing about getting doe.
Hook[Philsner and D-Man]

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