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Philip Claypool - Southern Style lyrics

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Southern Style by Philip Claypool

You're like the night life of New York City you keep me up so late
Seeing you sittin' next to me is like a drive across the Golden Gate
Your hair is like fields in autumn neath the brightenin' western sun
Beneath it's your way of loving that makes me come undone
It's your southern style ah nice and slow and easy
I'm deep in southern comfort from morning' through the evening
A little bit old fashioned and just a touch untame
It's your southern style that's got me feeling this way
If I could toss a silver dollar oh down a wishing well
I wish you'd take me for your man and be my belle
For I'd stand there beside you all through the thick and thin
I'd love you all life long over and over again
I'm talking about southern style...
[ guitar ]
I get a taste of honey when you kiss me with your lips so soft and warm
It's heaven when you hold me all wrapped up in your angel arms
It's your southern style...
Yeah it's your southern style and I like your lovin' that way
I like your lovin' that way talking bout southern style

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