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Percy Shaw & The Murgatroyd Brawlers - April 17th People lyrics

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April 17th People by Percy Shaw & The Murgatroyd Brawlers

I used to wear a black shirt with your picture on the front
I used to read your diary the book of Exodus
But now my interests have condemned me now my hands and feet are bound
The same soldiers I cheered on this morning just burned my house down
I'd be lyin' if I told you I never fired a gun
And you know the wars not over yet so don't go around sayin' we won
My diary is buried 'neath the rubble that was my home
I've seen these graves on the television but now I'm the one diggin' the holes
How can you still deny the children starving in the streets
Why return us to our past just to destroy our history?
I sat quietly through your lectures and as you killed all my friends
But when the spring swallow sings we'll raise our red flags again

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