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Pep Love - U.S. lyrics

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U.S. by Pep Love

Uh where we headed?
Everything is everything. and I am
Given a push, I issue forth my blood ritual
Livin here on earth as an individual
First it gets better than it gets worse
And then you develop an incredible thirst
Its up to you, the way in which you choose to quench it
And eventually it'll be an extension of yourself
So, it is an imperative that you love yourself
And let everyone else know
Hang out your hang ups to dry
For these are merely barriers between you and i
First when we immersed in the curse we self inflict
And dwell in a pit of an intangible element
Called fear, this really doesnt't't exist
It eludes insues the need to know the reason that
We're all here, the gist of your relationship
To creation gets ya trippin in amazement
YOU, builder of galaxies, are the architect of
The fallacies your thoughts project
And now it seems, like your stuck to the ground
And bound by your body but
Listen to the sound of life
The most creative force in the universe is us
So just stay on course
Listen to the song of the stars
Harmonious brilliance we are
The filiments of this
Ahhh, and the walls come tumbling down
The feeling is awesome revealing what's going around
Inside your guts
Yeah emotional outbursts don't
Keep it a secret no more scream and shout curse
Holler and throw fits whatever floats your boat
We livin in a tumultuous culture don't
Overdose on reality cuz the way it seems
Ain't always how it be
Obey your dream and get open than a motherfucker
We ain't trippin, I hop skip and I jump
To deliver the shipments and pump
True facts no time to pass judgements
I leave it to the hypercritical to do that

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