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Pep Love - If You Can't Beat 'em (Feat. Casual) lyrics

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If You Can't Beat 'em (Feat. Casual) by Pep Love

Pep Love)
I'm a nigga on the brink
What, you think I can't touch you?
Reach through the speaker
And crunch you in the eardrum
Come here
Some of the fearsome
Thoughts that I brought to pierce em
Assumption's doom, ya malfunction
Soon as the sound's pumpin
I'm settin it, lettin em know
I'm about somethin
At least seven figures and then some
To get some, you gotta spend somethin
Increasing my income
Outcome's tremendous
How come these hoes be
Off the hinges
When they peepin my potentials
Platinum plus, stackin them bucks
Til they touch the clouds
(??? punks) contemplating comin after us
Now, soon as I touch down
My fervor to get further is murderous
Plus I must bust
Outta these constraints
And ease the pain
Baby get up off your knees
So I can seize and gain
I got G's to make, not a mistake
You try to bust?
I'll throw you in a bottomless lake
With bricks tied to ya feet
I'm not letting shit slide
While I'm taking you bitches
On this long dick ride
Chorus (2x):
Uhh yeah
You can't compare
Can't nobody fuck with us
Nohow and nowhere
And it don't stop (repeated)
And it won't stop (repeated)
Hey, my style be
Deep sea algae
How he seeing me?
I'm PG

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