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Pep Love - Act. Phenom lyrics

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Act. Phenom by Pep Love

(Pep Love)
Yo, action speaks louder than words (We give it to ya)
And even, ??act speaks called act strong?? (We give it to ya)
What we do is Act. Phenomenal
Act. Phenom, know what I'm sayin?
Lullabies get sung to you numb dumb nullified hum-drum
Rappers who seem color blind to the spectrum
Of styles I select from any one I choose to get you a bit of direction
Get a clue or get ridiculed when I spit a few
Hollow point verbs that'll riddle you pitiful punks
With chunks ripped from your body
And the party's still jumpin while I'm sayin somethin'
One thing you better know is Hieroglyphics run things
Even when we unheard, even when we unseen
Be aware, we are there, prepare
To counter-act the wack, fake niggas we scared
After dark and fall apart when the disaster start
I blast this part cause I mastered the art
And uh, this is a ritual in which you will enjoy
Now, every man and woman, girl and boy
Grab a hand and try to understand my commandments
I rock the mic harder than pillars of granite and it
Don't stop increasin, until your heart beat start to cease and
Let's start the season, the reasons
That we're here become clear
When I step to the podium toting my full metal gear
Pep's an exception to any rule
And you'll get treated like a stepson, step up and get some!
Phenomenal, Action abominable passion (we give it to ya)
You don't want a fraction of friction (we give it to ya)
Fact not fiction, can't stand the heat (we give it to ya)
Then get out the kitchen (we give it to ya
If not then step up and get some! (we give it to ya)
Melodies I swing hit harder than felonies
Committed to get a nigga's melon seeds
All over the pavement

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