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Pedro Gabriel Amaral - A Mile Ago, Pt. 2 lyrics

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A Mile Ago, Pt. 2 by Pedro Gabriel Amaral

Raindrop falling off my face
After my worst day
Though you were not around
Thirty seven minutes side by
Side we stood oh my
You didn't say it loud
There were men in the street
Forgettable scene
As well you and me
All were going somewhere
You turned down my warmth
Preferred your ugly scarf
I think you must be proud
Played all your dirty tricks
And I must admit
My loss for the crowd
There were fantasy dreams
Unforgiven sins
Manufactured man
All were going somewhere
You invited me to
Walk a mile or maybe two
Thought I saw you at the park
But you didn't see me at all
Your new name is spreading around
I'm afraid to say it loud
I took a book and some pictures of you
To pay as a price for loving you
Back and forth you smile at me
I pretend I didn't see
You face on the windowpane
Begging for shelter from the rain
It took a night to forget that bright
Look in your eyes dying of fright
We went to hear some smart guy talk
He wrote his weird name using chalk
And in the end I invited you to
Have some coffee in the next room
Never expected you so unkind
But I just stood and almost whined
At least I drank that cafe au lait
I used to drink when I got laid
An hourglass tuned itslef into a dress
The one you wore the night before
A red bus, a souble decker bus
You didn't see but in me you did trust
I know you'll love me when I'm gone
When I take the things I gave
When the people say my name
When you discover who's to blame
I know you'll love me when I'm gone
When what I told you makes sense
When your eyes miss my face
When I am done and lost in space
I know you'll love me when I'm gone
Now I gotta say to you
It's time you have to choose
If you are sticking here
As I write this song you are
A mile away from Mars
A meter away from me
I will be far
Wherever you are
I forgot my heart
A mile ago
[Hidden track]
I know you're lying
I know you're lying
But I love you
I love you

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