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Paul Weller - Walk on guilded splinters by dr. john (mac rebennack) lyrics

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Walk on guilded splinters by dr. john (mac rebennack) by Paul Weller

some people think they jive me; i know they must be crazy. don't see their
Misfortune; guess they're just too lazy. je suis le grand zombi...ain't afraid
Of no tomcat fill my brain with poison. chorus. poured out my coffee...poison
From my chalice...and y'all feel my malice. put gris-gris on your doorstep-
Soon you'll be in the gutter. melt your heart like butter- ah ah ah i can make
Ya stutter. chorus...coco robicheaux, coco robicheaux. walk thru the fire, fly
Thru the smoke. see my enemies at the end of their rope. walk on pins and
Needles; see what they can do. walk on gilded splinters with the king of the
Zulu. chorus. barbara hoover's planet waves on wwoz new orleans 90.7 fm
Streaming radio thursdays at 4 pm always starts and ends with this song by
Hometown musician dr.john. sonny bono promoted him as the reincarnation of
Marie laveau's voodoo consort. je suis is french for i am, the coffee grounds
Are poured out and read. gris gris is a bag of ritual items placed on the
Doorstep in voodoo to instil
L fear in the recipient. coco robicheaux is the cajun "bogeyman" used by
Parents to make kids behave. there is a well-known actor, singer-songwriter,
And voodoo practitioner based in new orleans, a contemporary of dr. john also
Who tours internationally playing swamp blues, who uses that name, and he is
The person who told me where the name came from. the title "walk on guilded
Splinters" was was misspelled on the night tripper release.

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