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Paulina Rubio - Sexual Lover lyrics

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Sexual Lover by Paulina Rubio

Verse 1:
Sexual kind of love,
Gets my heart beating,
You're an electric charge,
And i'm over heating,
Whenever you get too close,
I reach out and touch you,
But you never know it, though,
You look at me but you...
You don't know what's on my mind,
The way that I need you,
I'm gonna make you mine,
The next time I see you,
Cuz I know that I can wait,
And one day you'll come back,
No matter how long it takes,
I will be the one that'll
Be right here,
Watching you walk in
I'm imagining your kisses on my skin,
Yeah, I'll be right here,
Looking out for you,
And when you come back your gonna want me too.
Soon you'll see,
Yes I'm gonna make you listen,
Soon you'll see,
I'll show you what you've been missing
Because I know what you need
And soon you'll discover
I know you were meant for me
MySexual Lover
(My Sexual Lover)
(My Sexual Lover)
Verse 2:
Sometimes you gotta choose,
Between one thing or the other
Sometimes you gotta choose
Between one thing or the other
There's nothing to loose
So why don't you try it
There's nothing to loose
And you can't deny it
I wanted to make it clear
I want to remind you
That I'll be waiting here
In front or behind you
Wherever you go
Whenever you come back
You'll get to know,
That I'll be the one that'll
Repeat Chorus 1x
(I'll be your lover)
Repeat Chorus 1x
Repeat Bridge 1
~~~Repeat Chorus 'til end~~~
Ha Ha Ha Ha

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