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Pathologist - Progression Of Putrefaction (Part Two) lyrics

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Progression Of Putrefaction (Part Two) by Pathologist

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]
Putrefactive bacteria in colon
Decomposition of red corpuscles - haemolysis
Organ's post mortem turbidity
Decaying intestinal contents
Greenish hue of skin
Hydrogen sulphide
Gases extend viscera
Flatulence of abdomen
Stomachic contents in gullet and about mouth
Catheters pervaded with pigment
Epidermis peel off
Corium is damp
Putrid emphysema in hypodermic tissue, pleura,
Gastric mucous membrane and bowels
Fluid from decomposing ulcers reeks
Putrefactive liquids form blisters
Hair and nails slowly fall off
Swollen scrotum and penis
Methane draws urine
Gaping sutures of cranial cavity
Thorax contains fluids with sulfhaemoglobinum
Liquefiable fat reduced to fatty acids
Muscles pervaded with suppurating centres
Ribs are albescent
Stomach is sunken
Yawning facial cavities
Eyes are imperceptible
Denudation of teeth
Wrinkling skin
Bones are desiccated
Eroded gristles
Along the spine rot'
Dry remains of entrails
Cadaverous and putrid stench
Carcass disintegrated entirely
Finished putrefaction and decay.

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