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Pat Boone - Delia Gone lyrics

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Delia Gone by Pat Boone

Delia cursed Tony
On one Saturday night
She cursed him such a wicked curse
That he sweared
I'm gonna take your life
Delia gone
One more round
Delia gone
The first time Tony shot Delia
He let her have it in the side
The second time he shot her
Well, she bowed down
Her head and died
Well, the folks sent down for the doctor
That gent came on dressed in black
He did everything that a doctor could do
But he couldn't bring Delia back
On Monday, Tony was arrested
On Tuesday, his case tried
The jury brought him down guilty
The judge said ninety-nine years
Is your time, she's gone
One more round
Delia gone
Ninety-nine years in prison
Tony laughed, judge, that's no time
I got me a brother down in New Orleans
Serving nine hundred ninety and nine
The joke's on you, judge
Delia gone, yeah, she's gone
Now old Tony's cooling in the jailhouse
Drinking from a silver cup
Poor Delia's out in the graveyard
Trying her ding dong best to get up
But she's out, boy
One more round
Delia's gone
Oh, mama, oh, mama
Tell me, how can I sleep
When all around my bed side
I keep hearing Delia's feet
Ma, she's transparent
One more round
Delia's gone
Yeah, old Tony trumped
Out to the graveyard
And he looked right in
Old Delia's face
He said, Gal, as much as I love you
I just cannot take your place
Delia's gone
One more round
Have another, fellas
She's not coming back
Delia gone
One more round
Delia's gone

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