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Pantera - Planet caravan lyrics

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Planet caravan by Pantera

In the states There's a problem with race Because of ignorant past burned fires>From evolutionWe've been killing each otherI figure man should have it down to a science No chanceNot for a minuteNot for a second I won't be defensiveI'm straight out in my opinionYou'ld better listen to a man who knows what he is sayingI've seen your sideYou run and hide for the mere fact that you feel inferiorBe superiorAnd know your interior (Pre) Race, pride, prejudice Black man, white man No stand Live in the past We make it last A hated mass No solution Mind pollution For revolution (Chorus) So low behold my eyes This land of fools will rise No good For no one You blame oppression and play the role of criminalsTo rape and burn show progress is minimalWhite hoods and militants you know it's such a pity Living, breathingViolence in your city If one manHad one homeIn one worldHeld live alone without varietyFull of anxietyNo one to point at, questionOr even talk to -- in his private graveNo matter what colorHe wouldn't be saved from hellHe dwellsA closed mind playing the part of prison cells (Pre) (Chorus)

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