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Overtones Rustic - Simple Song lyrics

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Simple Song by Overtones Rustic

Love is my wine and I drink it by the cup
I swallow my pride when I'm swallowing a gulp
if it spills down the side, i don't go insane
i don't have my wine but I still have the stain
Love is my wine and you can drink it till you're drunk
but you ain't got sh*t if you ain't got funk
Like the peace to release by the souls of your feet
and you sing a simple song to a simple beat
people ask me why I scream so much
it's just my old friend anger and we keep in touch
But I haven't lost my temper in the last few months
but I have to admit it's been getting tough
but i respect people & the way they dress
I understand a man has got to express
but what's a gun to a fist? What the hell is this?
on my philosophy goes like this
(repeat love is my wine....)
do it again.....tomorrow
Gibbedy gab gab on the telephone
You're never home- i get the answering machine's
def-tone so I recite a poem
but my bill's so big I'm gonna need a loan
Banker Banker thank you for the money
in-state rate to communicate with my honey
Should be a crime to charge me so much
For me and my baby to reach out and touch
(reapeat love is my wine...)
Half this time I've been half awake
I didn't mean to miss your birthday
So i'll bake you a birthday cake
I may not have the table manners that
are expected from your mom & dad
and I didn't get around to combing my hair
So I bought me a brand new hat.
(reapeat love is my wine...)

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